(239) 368-1146 Larry@salushw.com


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for an amazing job! I am still hearing positive comments from the employees, everyone really enjoyed it! I look forward to working with you again next year J.

I am sharing a comment I just received: “Thank you for taking the time to organize it. Best one yet J!”

K.G., Officer, Benefits & Wellness Manager - Miami, FL

Larry – your assisting in organizing our health fair was wonderful, I cannot thank you enough.Both plant and admin employees enjoyed it.

D.Z. HR Manager CA

Larry – Thank you for arranging a successful wellness fair. We had a great turnout and the employees seemed pleased.

D.C., Senior Account Representative, San Francisco, CA

Larry –   I just wanted you to see the feedback on the Health Fair.  Very positive!  Thank you for all of your help!


J.C Client Services Specialist, Birmingham, Alabama

Hi Larry – I wanted to thank you so much for everything on Wednesday.  The event went very well and I was very pleased with the turn out and vendors. I look forward to having another event.

N.R., HR Business Partner, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Just a quick thank you for inviting us to participate at today’s health fair for Teasdale employees. We had a great day. I cover most of California and would love to be invited to any other events you might have. Thanks again!

J.I., Vendor, Walnut Creek, CA

Larry set up our employee health fair last year and we were very pleased.  The vendors were good choices for our business and very friendly and accommodating.  I got great feedback from our employees.  Working with Larry was very easy for me. No problems facilitating the event.   We will use them again.
AR - HR manager

I had the pleasure of working with Larry and his team for three years.  It was an absolute joy to work with him and his team. Basically, I told him which day I wanted to host the fair, the type of service representative that I felt would be a close fit for our benefit package and he literally did the rest of the work. It took a lot off my plate in terms of follow up, organizing etc. and the employees loved Him and His team. They were all friendly and interacted with us well.

Thank you so much for organizing our Health Fair. Everyone said that it was the best one yet. We were very pleased with each vendor and how wonderful they were with our staff.
We would love to use you again in the future. It was a real pleasure!

DJ HR Specialist

Our Salus contact is a wonderful, organized, professional individual. It has been a wonderful experience having him organize the City’s Health & Wellness Fairs for the past two years. He’s awesome. I would definitely recommend him and Salus Health & Wellness Fairs for your organization.

GR – HR manager

We used Salus Health & Wellness for an event in May 2013. We found the team to be very professional, accommodating and thorough. They took into consideration the health and dental plans offered by our company and did not invite a vendor that wasn’t participating in our company plans.

Two weeks prior to our event we had to reschedule due to hurricane Sandy. We contacted Salus Health & Wellness and rebooked the event without any complaint. We were also assured that the vendors would be notified and ready for our event schedule one-month later.

During the whole process they continually checked in and provided updates. I got the best from Salus Health & Wellness.

VP – HR Director

Thank you for the awesome job that you and your group did on Friday. This was our best Health Fair and I owe a lot of its success to you. I look forward to working with you next year. Thanks much.

CS – HR Manager

It was organized and had a variety of vendors. Door prizes were great. You made it very easy on us to have this event because you did all the “leg work”.

SW – HR Manager

Great event – for me, minimal involvement. Great prizes – the staff really enjoys that.

LS – HR Director

A record number of employees attended our health fair this year, and I believe that much of that success comes from preparation and promotion. We were definitely well-prepared and Larry provided us with promotional materials well in advance of the fair. He also sent vital information for our employees to prepare them for their cholesterol screenings so their readings would be as accurate as possible.

We have already started working with Tri-County on next year’s health fair. We look forward to working with his team there once again. I am confident that we will have another record-breaking year!

David A. – Director of Benefits & Compensation

Very sincere questions and many of the attendees were very committed to seeing us and following-up! Would want to be contacted for future events!

Daniel R. – Dental Professional

A good event! Well run! Liked the people! Was able to get appointments and follow-up requests! Would definitely want to be contacted for future events!

Tom F. – Green Environmental Products Rep.

There was a lot of interest in our services, very good turnout, nice space with lots of sunlight. Would like to be contacted for future events.

Jamie B. – Physical Therapist Professional

Very professional and very well organized event! No suggestions on how this event could have been improved because it was great as is. I would like to be contacted for future events!

Frances B. – Yoga Rep

Met some great people! Was able to get some appoints and follow-up requests! Would like to be contacted for future events. AWESOME event!

Keith R. – Fitness Club Rep

Very well attended!  Got two (2) appoints on the day of the event and am really confident that we will get a good response from our follow-up. Would definitely want to be contacted for future events! GREAT EVENT!

Matt M. – Weight Loss Professional

Very nice people, crowd was generous! Was able to get appointments and follow-up requests! Would DEFINITELY want to be contacted for future events! We had MANY successes as a result of our participation in this event!

Tiffany T. – Dermatologist Rep.

Organized and good atmosphere! Was able to get appointments and follow-up requests! Would like to be contacted for future events!

Anthony F. – Dental Rep

It was well organized and well attended! Nice people! I was able to get appointments and follow-up requests! Would want to be contacted for future events!

Phyllis G. – Podiatry Professional