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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is Salus Health & Wellness

We are a fully insured, independent nationwide provider of professional health fairs (including Hawaii). We offer free health fairs to corporations and municipalities.

2. I do my own health fairs internally. Why should I use your services?

Planning a health fair in the time of tight budgets can be a challenge. If you have done them in the past you know it can take a lot of time from your already busy work schedule to successfully put one together. As a professional, you have the opportunity to free up time from your busy schedule by having Salus Health & Wellness arrange a professionally run health fair at no cost to you.

3. How are the various businesses and practices selected for an event?

You select from our comprehensive list of topics offered. We recruit from vendors in your local area. All medical, dental and vision specialists are guaranteed to be in-network with your insurance.

4. Do you include screenings for medical conditions as part of the health fair?

Many insurance providers arrange for biometric screenings at events and we work with them. In the event they do not we can arrange optional health screens on a fee for service basis.

5. Do you provide complimentary massages at your health fairs?

Massage is among the free vendors that can be selected for an event.

6. How soon can you schedule a fair for us?

We require 10 – 12 weeks’ notice to schedule an event.

7. How soon can you schedule biometric screens?

We require 4 weeks’ notice to schedule screens.

8. Is there a minimum population size in order to do an event?

We look for 100 employees or more at a location.

9. How much space is needed to have a health fair?

We can adapt the layout to conference rooms, wide hallways, cafeterias and other spaces.

10. What is the duration of a health fair?

The duration of the health fair will depend on the population of the staff at the location. Smaller events can run 1 ½ -2 hours. Larger events can run 4-5 hours.

11. How can you provide this service at no cost to us and what is included?

The professionals represented at your health fair pay a registration fee for our coordination of the health fair. We also include table cloths, laminated table signs, vendor list for security and e-mail advertising. We offer a door prize of a three day, two-night hotel stay for two. The vendors are also required to adhere to our vendor code of conduct and contribute a door prize to each event.

12. We have an affiliation with a provider and would not want them to pay. Can we invite them ourselves?

Yes with notification to Salus. We allow for one provider with a relationship with the company. In turn we would select two other categories to make up for the registration fee loss. Insurance company representatives are always welcome at no charge.

13. I am a vendor interested in participating in an event.

If you are a vendor and you are interested in participating in an event in your area please contact us.