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Salus Health & Wellness coordinates professional health fairs and wellness events for your benefit and the benefit of your employees.

Our business is to help you free up time from your busy schedule while we arrange your health fair at no cost to you. All that is required is sufficient space for the event, tables, and chairs. Select from our comprehensive list of services, those you would like us to provide, and we do the rest.

Many people do not take the time to visit their doctor each year, or they only go to their doctor when they are already ill. Health fair events are proven to reduce absenteeism and turnover, increase health, and have a positive impact on the corporate bottom line. Our health fair events are employee-centered, supplying a wide variety of medical providers who are in-network to your insurance.

Salus Health & Wellness caters to small and large industries, municpalities, private or public corporations and helps facilitate another venue to show your employees that you care about their health, morale, and well-being.

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